Ghosts of Rainier

Playing with a cheap camera and no photography skills during a walk along the beach from Partridge Point to Ebey’s Landing.  Mt. Rainier is about 105 miles away barely visible.


The round rocks the glaciers and tides of the past several weeks (and centuries) have left behind are now the final resting place of Bull Kelp.  It served its purpose the past summer.

Mostly this is an experiment with the pictures to see if the ghost will show up in the reduced pixels, shrunk size, and other stuff.


In the simple mind I live with I never get tired of seeing Rainier.  I know which points to stop, check for ceiling and visibility, squint and look and wonder if I see it, its ghost or the mountain itself as sunlight’s variations play in late evening.

HPIM3804I am at sea level (frothy stuff out there at rock’s edge.  The top of Mt. Rainier is at 14,411 feet (4392 meters).  We seldom get to see the sea level to summit view.


On a night with a clear sky and a full moon the full effect of the ghost can be felt.  It causes us to whisper, lose track of time, or sit, making no noises for fear of intruding.

—–Run gently out there—–