Welcome — at a basic level

You would think with as many words as I have put on paper, screen, or scratch pad, this would all be simple.  You pay a fee, receive an e-mail confirming some company’s rights to your first-born child, a jar of fresh pico de gallo and, presto, you have a blog.

Okay.  I have a blog.  The most exciting part for today is the generic announcement, “The book is finally done, sigh…” just down and to the right.

Thank you for visiting.  Things will change.  This will become home.

Run gently out there.

John M.

5 thoughts on “Welcome — at a basic level

  1. Blogging is like ultra-running (and writing). One step at a time, always heading forward, but without the blisters, odd stomach aliments, and that one stupid rock that somehow manages to get around your gaitors.

    I like the book cover….

  2. Congrats on finishing the book… I know it was a labor of love and look forward to getting my copy! Will frequent this site as well…

    Lynn B

  3. Wheeeee!!! Congratulations on finishing your first ultra of the published kind! I hope there was plenty of crusty bread and homemade tapenade to get you through the nights.
    Tracey and the wolves

  4. Thank you for putting it all together after all the years of enjoying your insights
    in bite size form. Our running community just got richer.

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