Messin’ with Roadies…

A brief recollection of what took place yesterday.

Yellow, green, old barn, old mountains -- on the way to the trails
Yellow, green, old barn, old mountains — on the way to the trails


One of my favorite trails...
One of my favorite trails…

The Whidbey Island Marathon was this morning. I wasn’t involved. I hadn’t really even thought about it until…

Two people (one male, one female : opinion, not fact) wearing just about every running accessory laz has never endorsed were discussing something — heatedly or just with great animation, I really don’t know or care — in the Burger King parking lot (near an almost health foodish place).

I was on the way home from staggering around in the woods for however long it had been — had on a t-shirt from a running event I had actually completed (Grasslands down Tejas way, put on by those fine folks at the North Texas Trail Runners ensemble). I suppose I looked like a runner, maybe age and brier scratches, dirt and trail shoes made me look experienced, this is another I-do-not-know moment. Anyway, I got out of the car (remember, I was driving home…); the woman (see assumption #1) looked at me and then at her compatriot and said (why, I will never know), “Ask him!”

Ask me what?… Uh… get back in the car. This will lead to no good. They look harmless. Noooooo, get back in…

Me: Hi, can I help you?
Her: We just finished the Whidbey Island Marathon.
Me: Wow… congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your first?
Him: Yes!
Her: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Yay!
Her (pointing at the BK): Isn’t a hamburger a good recovery snack?
Me: Uh… yes, if you get the Double Whopper with cheese.
Him (pointing…): But, I….
Her: See.

“I’m just so proud of helping them.

—–Run gently out there—–