Not quite autobiographical…

It could just as easily be about running and the movement of trees.

Education: B.S. mathematics  — interests (reading about, watching, or doing): trees, birds, geology, the environment, exploration, baking, science, geography, travel, cooking, storytelling, sharing knowledge, making up plausible sounding answers

As the years passed I have worked in land surveying, database mismanagement, aberration abatement, mirage analysis, and noninterpretive dance. I held positions as a technical writer, wool gatherer, cook, police officer, statistician, proofreader, trail companion, and nature lecturer.  I took up running on August 17, 1984 at 4:30 in the afternoon and ran my first ultra in 1986.  I have completed several ultramarathons (ultras) – most of them in the Pacific Northwest, but also in places as diverse as Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, California, and Arkansas.  I am most proud of authenticating my trail running credentials (preGPAS by successfully returning to the trailhead where I had left the car on many training runs in the Olympic and Cascade Mountains.  Although I was largely unfocused as a racer, I managed a victory in each of my first two decades of running ultras, one at the 100k distance and one at the more standard 34.5 miles. I once wrote the Run Gently Out There column in UltraRunning magazine – for almost six years (one issue short) it was the one of the most prized gifts running gave me.  Now, with time slipping by, philosophical meandering, listening to bells on buoys and inventorying trailside distractions have led to less racing and more running.
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I live on Whidbey Island in Washington state with my supervisor, Kathy, who let me carry the big red backpack on a different ultramarathon in 2004; a 600ish mile trek across Spain — el Camino de Santiago : The Way of St. James

We left “the island” for a year of volunteer service at St. Ann’s Catholic School and Mission on the Turtle Mountain Band of the Chippewa Reservation near Belcourt, North Dakota. Everyone should have one winter in North Dakota.

Last year (2014) was my 30th year of running.  I write and I run.  Some days I run without writing.

A thing that will be left undone — a history of ultramarathon runners of the Pacific Northwest. Now, wouldn’t that be a story.

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