Thanksgiving 2015

I have slept in the cold by the railroad tracks;
–I am thankful to have a warm house.
I have wondered where the next meal would come from;
–I am thankful for food in the kitchen.
I have buried friends and relatives;
–I am thankful to be amongst the living.
We have enough to share;
–I am thankful for the gift of sharing.
I have a loving and loved wife;
–I am ever thankful for her patience.
I am still upright, able to be in the forests I love.
–I am thankful.
I think of the many in darkness;
–hoping you each find a light.
I hope the many doors to loneliness are opening;
–that you may find companions for your journey.
I pray the hatred goes away
–and smiles replace the scowls of anger and fear.
I hope more learn what a gift we are to each other;
–and those gifts are shared.

Peace and prayers for Thanksgiving to all — all.

chuckanut 008

———- Run gently out there ———-

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